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The Lookout has arrived on TikTok!

Hello Resident


We are delighted to announce that our student magazine, The Lookout, has arrived on TikTok, with four student 'influencers' promoting content from the latest edition of the magazine to thousands of young people across England and Wales. While we won't be launching our own Neighbourhood Watch TikTok account (yet!), we will be sharing these videos across our existing social media platforms.


We would love for you to watch their videos and share them with your networks. If you are working with any youth organisations/universities/colleges, sharing the links to these videos would be fantastic, and will have a real impact on our ability to reach young people across the country.


Below are the usernames and links to the videos from each of our influencers...

 1. EeshaanLooking after your wellbeing at university: Eeshaan - Wellbeing at university (@eeshaanghanekar)

2. IdrisMake them hear you! Voting rights for young people: Idris - Importance of voting (@idrisaliwastaken)

3. Emma - Staying safe when travelling solo: Emma - Solo travel safety  (@emtravels_)

4. MadihahNight out safety tips from a Medical student: Madihah - Safety tips on a night out (@ma.dihah)


Youth Council

Our first ever Youth Council will launch in the new year and sign ups are now open! We would love your support in promoting this to young people in your area. The Youth Council is a group of up to 25 young people (16-24 year olds) who want to drive and influence change in communities and society. Focuses will be on crime prevention, personal and community safety, and shaping communities to be the inclusive, safe and vibrant places they should be.


Young people can sign up to the Youth Council here: https://airtable.com/appv7tMKWQVOFepDF/shrYul1Z7ewf5IAtN


We are so excited to share this with you, and look forward to seeing young people across England and Wales engage with Neighbourhood Watch.


Best wishes



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