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Wed 21 February 2018
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If your postcode is clearly within a scheme, please join that scheme.
Our postcode scheme search feature helps you find out what we're doing in your area, help you get connected to local community initiatives and stay informed of news and events.

1. Schemes / Citizens patrols near you

Want to find out about your local Neighbourhood Watch group and don't know how to reach it? Just enter your postcode above to find a map of all local schemes in your area.

2. Get local information

Select the Local Community Information tab to browse the latest public alert messages that have been sent to recipients in your area.

Scheme Key

  • Self Declared Scheme IconSelf Declared NHW Scheme
  • Verified by Local NHW Volunteer IconVerified by Local NHW Volunteer
  • Verified by the Police IconVerified by the Police
  • Verified by the Police and Local NHW Volunteer IconVerified by the Police and Local NHW Volunteer
Please note: Maps are pulled via Bing Maps so if a postcode you enter doesn't bring up the correct results (if it is a new postocde etc), it may not be updated on Bing. If this happens, try searching for a postcode near to the postcode you initally searched for and it should bring up any schemes near to you.